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TecNec is the premier distributor of professional video, audio, multimedia, digital and A/V equipment and accessories related to the broadcast industry. The TecNec official broadcast supply catalog (published annually) offers superior quality connectors, adapters and cables. Our camera to CCU/VTR cables, couplers and adapters meet and exceed specifications set by Sony, Panasonic, JVC and others. TecNec stocks plenum cable assemblies for your permanent installation requirements for audio, video and VGA. Our in-house Metal and Cable Shops are always prepared to meet your custom needs. We fabricate patch panels, wallplates, and floor boxes; audio, video, and VGA cable. The possibilities are limitless.

Custom jobs are never a problem; they're our specialty - Spec TecNec Always!

TecNec Distributors features these Major Manufacturers: Connectronics, DELV-CAM, Laird Telemedia, Ocean Matrix, ADC, AKG, Aspen, Audio-Technica, Belden, Canare, Communication Specialties, Crown, Electro-Voice, Fiber Options, Horita, IDX, JVC, Knox, Mackie Designs, Middle Atlantic, Neutrik, Panasonic, Radio Design Labs, Samson, Shure, Sony, Switchcraft, Tiffen, Tripplite, Videonics, and many more...

Some of the Latest and Greatest Technology Supplied and Supported by TecNec Distributors Includes: Raging Stream Series of Webcasting Pre-Processing Solutions, Blue Flame Pro & Blue Flame Pro Plus IEEE 1394 Bi-Directional Media Converter, A/B & 6x1 DV Switchers, NLE & Multi-Format Routers, 1x10 & 1x20 Audio/Video Distribution Amplifiers, Universal Router Interface Panels, Extended Distance Firewire cables, and much, much more...

TecNec Distributors sells products from more than 600 manufacturers. If you don't see an item you are looking for, please call FM SYSTEMS at
516.931.4391 or e-mail us at  

Products from TecNec include:

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