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  • Super Hybrid Station Ports can support Digital PITS (KX-T7200 and KX-T7400 Series), Analog PITS (KX-T7000 Series), and 2500-Set Compatible Devices 
  • Extra Device Ports (XDP) Support 
  • 8 CO Lines and 16 Extensions (Basic Configuration), Expandable to 12 CO Lines and 32 Extensions 
  • System Interconnection Doubles Capacity to 24 CO Lines and 64 Extensions 
  • 64 Station Capacity 1 with XDP on Single Cabinet, 128 Station Capacity 2 on Double 
  • Voice Mail Programmable Ports 
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) 
  • Enhanced DISA 2 
  • Door Phone/Door Opener 3 
  • Super Hybrid Station Ports can support digital PITS (KX-T7200 and KXT400 Series), Analog PITS (KX-T7000 Series), and 2500-Set Compatible Devices 
  • Extra Device Ports (XDP) Support 
  • Initially Configured for CO Lines and 8 Extensions 
  • Expandable to 8 CO Lines and 16 Extensions 
  • 32 Station Capacity (max.) with XDP 1 
  • Voice Mail Programmable Ports 
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) 
  • Toll Restriction 
  • Speed Dialing 
  • Internal/External Paging 2 
If you operate a small business, our Digital Super Hybrid Systems—KX-TD1232, KX-TD816 and KX-TD308—will grow along with your needs. When coupled with the DISA option, your small office will enjoy many advanced features like automatic fax recognition.

To make sure that your telecommunication system operates as economically as possible, consider these highlights: 

  • Toll Restriction.
  • Have several levels of access, allowing VIP's unlimited privileges, salespeople access to their sales zones, and others complete long distance restriction. 
  • Automatic Route Selection. The Super Hybrid System can reduce long distance costs by automatically routing outgoing calls to the most cost-efficient long distance carrier within your network. 
  • The optional DISA feature gives you the ability to make long distance calls from outside the office through your internal system, giving you greater control over your long distance charges. 
  • The Digital Super Hybrid Systems also integrates with Panasonic Voice Processing Systems to provide you with. 
  • Live Call Screening. Listen to messages as they are being recorded in your mailbox and pick up if the call is important. 
  • Two Way Record is the one touch way to record a conversation. 
  • Voice mail 
  • Auto attendant functions 
  • An interview service for incoming calls, allowing callers select options via the touch-pad. Their responses will be recorded. 
  • To position your office for maximum growth and functionality, Panasonic's Digital Super Hybrid Systems represent the most advanced telecommunications systems available for your business needs. Working in conjunction with Panasonic's KX-T7000, KX-T7200 or KX-T7400 series phones, your desktop communications capabilities are greatly expanded. 
  • You will have the power of the XDP, or eXtra Device Port (KX-T7200 & KX-T7400 series phones only). A single line device such as a modem or fax machine can be plugged into the XDP, effectively doubling the number of extensions that can function simultaneously. 
  • The KC-T7235, KX-T7230, KX-T7436, KX-T7433, KX-T7431, KX-T7130 and KX-T7030 Panasonic phones provide readouts for detailed Caller ID or phone list information display—invaluable to personnel. 
  • Advanced Voice Messaging Services offer numerous ways to receive messages. 
  • Uniform Call Distribution distributes calls to an operator or agent group. 
  • Automatic Route Selection chooses the most efficient route for each call. 
  • Panasonic even offers proprietary wireless phones, the KX-T7885, KX-TD7890 and KX-T7880. 
  • Remote locatable antennae provides maximum range for the best possible reception. 
  • Benefit from 12 lines on the KX-T7885. 
  • Save desk space with the built-in intercom on the KX-TD7890.