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Exclusive Honeywell Security System Parts

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The Honeywell 6272CV High Resolution TFT
Color Touch Screen Keypad with Voice a
screen resolution of 640x480 with capability
to display 64,000 colors. The 6272CV also
doubles as digital picture frame allowing you
to load pictures via a standard SD card.
The 6160 Deluxe Keypad is simple
to use. The attractive white console
blends with any décor and features
a contoured, removable door that
conceals illuminated soft-touch keys.

The 6160 also features a new larger
and brighter 32-character display
with easy-to-read plain-English status
Honeywell’s 6460 Premium
Alpha Keypad Family A new aesthetic
style that is unmatched. The unique,
symmetric plastic design and color
schemes make this an ideal choice.
The vivid, negative-mode display and
negative-etched keys give the keypad
a little more of the cool factor and
increase visibility in a darker area or from
a distance.
5804 Keyfob
Four completely programmable buttons
User replaceable, long-life lithium batteries
Remote operation of security system, lights

and garage doors.
Recessed keys
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Vista Alarm Control Products
25 to 255 Zones
Event Logging
Independent Partitions
Relay Outputs
Internet Ready
GSM Radio Ready
Phone Line Monitor

Honeywell’s 5853 Wireless Glassbreak
Detector offers uncompromised
performance and unmatched false
alarm immunity. The FlexCoreTM signal
processor utilizes an Application Specific
Integrated Circuit (ASIC) - processing sound
data in parallel rather than sequentially.
This permits sound frequency, duration and
amplitude to be analyzed 50% faster to minimize

false alarms while maintaining the highest
possible level of detection. - 25 Foot Range
Honeywell’s GSMX Digital Cellular
Communicator combined with
Honeywell VISTA or LYNX control
panels provides a highly reliable
primary communications path
in residential applications-ensuring

that signals get through
Honeywell’s 5800PIR Series of Wireless
Motion Detectors are high-performance,
easy-to-install sensors featuring sleek,
compact designs that are ideal for
applications where aesthetics or discretion

are critical.
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The 5800 Series of door and window
transmitters provide the most
reliable, convenient and cost effective
solutions for security protection.
These devices are powerful and versatile
enough to help solve even the toughest,
most labor intensive installations.
5811 Thin Door/Window Contact
Transmitter virtually disappears
when installed next to standard
door/window transmitters. It is
ideal for casement and double-hung
windows. The 5811 provides a single
zone of protection, and installs easily
on doors or windows
Wave 2 Loud Siren
Louder (106db) dual tone siren output
5800CO is a 3V battery powered wireless
carbon monoxide (CO) detector intended
for use with Honeywell alarm systems
that support 5800 Series wireless devices.
It provides early warning when its
electrochemical sensing technology measures
carbon monoxide levels in the air. The 5800CO
is specifically designed for system operation
and is fully listed to UL 2075 as a system
supervised detector.* It contains a piezoelectric
horn which generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal
4 pattern in an alarm condition.
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Cotrol Your World
Over the

Honeywell’s 5806W3 is a 3V
battery operated, photoelectronic
smoke detector with a built-in
wireless transmitter. It facilitates
fire verification for false alarm
reduction requirements by ANSI/SIA
CP-01standards and is intended
for use with any of Honeywell’s
5800 Series wireless
receiver/transceivers for residential

Honeywell’s 5800Micra recessed
transmitter is a reed switch magnet
contact transmitter that provides
concealed protection for a window.
It is so small that it virtually disappears
once installed. With features including the
cleanest, fastest installations, a battery
life of up to 10 years and exceptional range,
you’ll want to use it on every job where
aesthetics and discretion are critical.

FM Systems, BAT Remote Alarm Connction
No Telephone Lines Needed
Works with any broadband internet
Arm/Disarm Alarm via Internet Keypad
Remote Programmable
Transmits Contact ID To our central station
Telephone Notification (automated voice)
Text & eMail Messaging To Users
Super Fast Transmission Speed
Easy to Install and Set-up
Automatically Acquires IP Address

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