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Gateway and 4-port Switch

The DI-704 Home DSL/Cable Gateway + 4-port switch delivers complete hardware firewall protection for a PC. The DI-704 will stop hackers and intruders before they can get to the PC. It is positioned in the path to take the intruder hit, while protecting the PC. 

The D-Link DI-704 is a Broadband Home and Small Business Gateway with Four Switched Fast Ethernet Ports. It allows multiple computers to share a cable or DSL Internet connection. It provides security as a firewall between a Local Network and the Internet. The DI-704 is targeted at small businesses and home users.

The DI-704 allows up to 253 computers to simultaneously connect to the Internet through the same ISP account. The Di-704 employs a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) that provides dynamic allocation of IP addresses for up to 253 clients on your network. Being very flexible, the DI-704 will connect to any Ethernet devices and multiple types of machines and operating systems.

The DI-704 is an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet based Home DSL/Cable Gateway and 4-port Switch . It provides four 10/100 Dual Speed Ethernet ports for connection to create a home or small office network and one 10Mb Ethernet port for a DSL Modem, Cable Modem or other Broadband access device. The D-Link DI-704 provides the safety and security of both a port blocking device and as a natural firewall as well as integrated NAT support that allows up to 32 users to share a single Internet Connection. Static address support, integrated client/server DHCP, and device name support will allow the D-Link Home DSL/Cable Gateway to connect to nearly any Broadband provider, and at the same time simplify local area network settings. 


The DI-704 provides two levels of security support. First, it masks local usersí IP addresses from others on the Internet making it much more difficult for a hacker to target a machine on your network. Secondly it can block and redirect certain ports to limit the services that outside users can access. Specific ports can be opened by the user to ensure that games and other Internet applications will run properly.

Unlike proxy server or NAT software that requires the software server to remain visible on the Internet, no local computers are directly externally visible when using the DI-704. Also the DI-704, like broadband, is always on, removing the need to constantly boot a software server when access is desired from a client. No client software is required to connect to the DI-704 so it will support any operating system that can connect to a network whether PC or Apple based*.

PPPoE, a relatively new de facto standard protocol, has been adopted by an increasing number of ISPs that wish to leverage their investment in traditional PPP based Dial Up services. PPPoE creates a virtual connection between a broadband user and their ISPís network. By adding PPPoE to the DI-704, D-Link has guaranteed the type of ease in installation and industry compatibility demanded by the home user.

Integrated DHCP services allow up to 253 users to get their IP address automatically on boot up from the DI-704. Client machines require no software, simply set them to accept a dynamically assigned IP address and reboot. Each time they are powered up the DI-704 will recognize them and set their IP address to instantly connect them to the LAN.

It allows up to 253 users to share a single Internet Connection while providing the safety and security of both port blocking and a natural firewall. Static address support, integrated DHCP, and device name support will allow it to connect to nearly any broadband provider, and at the same time simplify local area network settings. 

Virtual Service

For advanced users Virtual Service support allows the DI-704 to provide limited visibility to local machines and their services as dictated by the user. An ISP provided IP address can be set to the DI-704 and then specific services can be rerouted to specific computers on the local network. For instance, a dedicated web server can be connected to the Internet via the DI-704 and then incoming requests for HTML that are received by the DI-704 can be rerouted to the original server, even though the server now has a different IP address. In this example, the DI-704 is on the Internet and vulnerable to attacks, but the server is protected. 

Virtual Service can also be used to re-task services to multiple servers. For instance, the DI-704 can be set to allow separate FTP, Web, and Multiplayer game servers to share the same Internet-visible IP address while still protecting the servers and local users from hackers.


For ISP, BSP, DLEC, and Cable Company distribution, the DI-704 can be configured with two levels of administrative control. A broadband provider can set the number of users, and change IP configurations remotely. Effectively it creates a separation between the providerís and userís networks to localize the effects of any local userís network settings and give the added benefit of NAT support to simplify the assignment and number of IP addresses on the providerís network. Remote configuration serves as a platform to increase the effectiveness of a providerís customer support, enabling fast and powerful remote diagnosis. Through the use of a single IP address, the user will additionally benefit from a single subnet, ensuring that as additional computers are provided with Internet access, they will still be able to network via TCP/IP locally, without needing any additional local gateways or routers.

The DI-704 provides special support for common VPN implementations including PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol). The Virtual Server feature allows the user to expose HTTP, FTP, Game Servers and other local services to be accessible to Internet users located outside of your LAN. The User-Definable Application Sensing Tunnel feature allows the user to define the attributes to support special applications requiring multiple connections, such as Internet gaming, video conferencing, and Internet telephony. A DMZ setting can be applied to a single client behind the DI-704 to expose it to the Internet and ensure complete Internet application compatibility even if specific ports are not known.

The D-Link DI-704 strictly adheres to IEEE standards, and is compatible with existing network technology. The four 10/100 Mbps ports adhere to IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u, which specify 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet technology respectively, and use NWay auto-negotiation to switch between 10Mbps and 100Mbps speeds. The four 10/100 Ethernet ports use layer 2 switching technology to minimize packet broadcast, greatly enhancing the speed and productivity of the LAN. Each port also adheres to the IEEE 802.3x standard, which specifies Flow Control support for full-duplex Ethernet ports. 




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