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Attractive Leasing Options

Lease Application

4 Channel system
30 fps / 4 cameras
4 inputs @
approx 30fps per input

9 Channel
30 fps 9 inputs @
approx 3.3fps per input

16 Channel System
120 fps 16 inputs @
approx 7.5 fps per input

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FM Mobile DVR with GPS

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Be In Two Places At Once!!
FM Systems’ Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have proven themselves to be effective in many applications. It is like having a manager on site 24-hours a day for as little as $5.00 per day. Our systems simplify remote viewing over the Internet with easy VCR-like controls.Just click and play back any recorded video.

Reliability is in built-in by using the most advanced technology and our 30 years of engineering experience.

Our DVR systems have been installed in locations including UPS, AT&T, Apartment Complexes, Libraries, Airports, Warehouses, Retail Establishments and homes. Our system allow you to view what is happening at a remote location via the Internet or phone line. Our DVRs record the events as they happen on a digital hard drive this eliminates the necessity of changing tapes.

We offer an integrated package including Low-Light High-Resolution CCD 520 Line Color Cameras, Remote Control Cameras, Point of Sale Terminal Tie-In and Covert location cameras. 

Our advanced technology along with our experience makes our system the best value in the industry. The reliability of our systems are unsurpassed because we manufacture and install the equipment. This gives us complete control over the quality of the installation.

Our systems are available for lease as well as purchase.

Download Software for FMEV1600 DVR

Software For  Four Channel Mobile DVR with Room with GPS Module

OpenEye Software

Geovision Viewer

Geovision Playback

Geovision User Guide

FM-Defender DVR Software

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