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With Uplink You Can Cut the Cord.

Your phone line is the single most vulnerable point in your entire security system. Wireless alarm communications eliminate that vulnerability and provide you with the protection and dedication you need.

Uplink prevents you from putting your home security on the line by providing maximum protection with dedicated wireless communications that reports all alarms and status messages generated by security systems. The market leader in wireless alarm communications, Uplink provides a secure, cellular link that transmits alarm messages to virtually any Alarm Monitoring Service, giving you the confidence that alarms will be transmitted instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even when phone lines are down. So you will finally be able to cut the cord and protect your home.

Why Uplink?

Millions of American homes and families rely on security systems for protection. But no matter how many locks, sensors or detectors you have, your entire system depends on one fine line between safety and danger - your phone line.

“Burglars Cut Church Phone Lines, Steal Money”

“Gang members cut telephone wires, disabling the alarm”

“They’ve found a foolproof way to rob at will”

These headlines are found more frequently in the news today. Security has become the number one topic of news coverage during the last decade and Uplink can protect you from becoming a headline and statistic with secured wireless alarm notifications.

The Security Industry Association ( researched the need for wireless alarm notification solutions with the introduction of its report “SIA Line-Cut Research Report”(link:

Here they discuss the fact that until recently, the cutting of phone lines was not commonly reported in the news. However, with the media reporting more details than ever on how crimes are actually committed, the need for more protection is greater than ever.

Let Uplink restore your sense of security, giving you priceless peace of mind because it is always on duty. No wires, no worries!

Priceless Peace of Mind

With a basic wired system, your family’s safety and your property’s protection are only as strong as your phone line. So don’t rely on your phone alone to keep you secure. An all-in-one solution, combining both hardware and network in one package, the UplinkTM wireless system provides the redundant, backup communication you need to give you priceless peace of mind. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you know your security is in good hands with Uplink, and there’s no substitute for feeling safe and secure. So you can rest easy knowing you’re always connected, always protected.

Always On Duty

• With Uplink’s wireless notification, your security monitoring system always has backup, protecting you and keeping you connected to your monitoring service at all times.

• Uplink is the smart choice to install with your new security system – and Uplink’s compatibility with most alarm systems makes it an ideal add-on for systems installed days, months or years ago.

• As more and more households eliminate phone lines, Uplink allows those with security monitoring to remain connected without the need to maintain a landline simply as a link to the alarm system.

• For structures that don’t have phone service, such as a barn or cabin, Uplink provides the perfect alternative to secure properties that are remote and occupied only occasionally.

• The CellemetryXGTM network, the largest wireless data network in the Western Hemisphere, ensures a strong, dedicated signal that keeps Uplink on duty.

No Wires, No Worries

Wireless notification eliminates your security system’s dependence on the phone company, as well as landline connections that can be cut or broken. So it’s the perfect backup for your phone-based security system and those locations without phone service. And with Uplink, you’re not connected with just any wireless system, but with CellemetryXG from Numerex Corp., the largest wireless data network in the Western Hemisphere. Your dedicated signal is rock solid, and your sense of security is stronger than ever.

A Cut Above the Rest

Millions of American homes and families rely on security systems for protection. But no matter how many locks, sensors or detectors you have, your entire system depends on one fine line between safety and danger – your phone line. A severed phone line disrupts the connection between your home and the police and fire departments you rely on for help. Without a link to the help you need, your safety is at risk. How do you restore your sense of security? UplinkTM wireless notification from Numerex Corp. Uplink is a dedicated, wireless communications solution for security monitoring that reports all alarms reliably, securely and instantly. And because of its flexible design, monitoring services and customers can receive alarm signals via phone, Web, email, text message or pager – any time and any place an alarm occurs.

Powered by CellemetryXG,TM the largest wireless data network in the Western Hemisphere.

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