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Now you can have your alarm monitored by the professionals at Affiliated Central Station, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Can you depend on a neighbor or passerby to call the proper agency if your alarm goes off in the small hours of the morning? Can you be sure the officers in a passing patrol car will hear the alarm in time to prevent serious loss?

Of course not! And you can be sure that the burglars know this too! Now a fire might be seen by someone at a distance, but will the alarm be reported only after everything in your home or business is destroyed? And what about a broken pipe causing costly water damage ... or other interior malfunctions? Emergencies such as these can't even be seen by a well meaning passerby.

But Affiliated, together with FM Systems, Inc., can provide you with positive protection against any emergency which can be detected by alarm and prevented by notification of the proper authorities. And, through our toll-free WATS network, we can provide this protection wherever you are located the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands or Canada.

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art computer technology, we work with FM Systems, Inc. to arrange for round-the-clock monitoring of your alarm system. This is done through your existing telephone lines: no additional wiring between your home or business and the local police & fire departments is needed. Instead, a digital communicator is connected to your alarm and your telephone line. This communicator automatically signals our fully computerized central monitoring station.

Whenever your alarm is tripped, our computers receive the coded signal and all pertinent information is instantly displayed on our computer video screen. Within seconds, our operators notify whoever you have designated: police/fire departments, emergency medical technicians, friends, relatives ... anyone you want!


Arrange for our professional 24 hour monitoring today! Tomorrow may be too late!

Within the next six months Affiliated Central, Inc. plans to offer a complete line of integrated paging services.

  • Area Served: United States
    Number of Years in Central Station Business: 19
    UL Listings Complied With: BP4788, BP6275, S2551
    Number of Employees: 55
    Operator's Average Years of Experience: 4.6
    Reports Available: All Format
    Types Offered: All Type of Central Station Receiver: Radionics, Ademco,                 Sur-gard
    Type of Computer Equipment: Data General
    Type of Computer Software: MAS
    Long Range Radio Equipped
             Equipment Used: AlarmNet, NearNet, and Derived Channel

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