Setting up your Cable Router

Once your router is installed your system it should work flawlessly for a long time. There are several web sites available to check the performance of you modem.

Try these sites:
This is a speed test. Your speed may vary, but generally it should be above 300Kbps. Speeds below this may indicate a problem with you cable connection.
This will give you your IP address. You will need this number if you have to call OptOnLine for help. It is a good idea to go to this site and get this information before you have a problem and record it.


From time to time you may have to reset your network it for vinous reasons. OptOnLine may go down and you will lose your connection or a power interruption may cause a problem. If you have to call OptOnLine tell them you have a Sonic Wall Fire Wall. Do not tell them you have a router. OptOnLine will not help you if you tell them you have a router.

This is the procedure to follow to reset your modem:

    1. Shut down all computers

    2. Shut down your cable modem by pulling out the power plug

    3. Shut down your router by pulling out the power plug


    4. Plug the cable modem back in. Wait for the lights to stop flashing on the modem before proceeding.

Note: If the lights do not stop flashing the OptOnLine system may be down. More then often this is what caused you to lose your connection in the first place.     5. Plug in the router and wait 60 seconds for it to initialize.

    6. Turn on your computers one on the time and test the Internet connection on each.

Your network should be working at this time.

Some helpful hints include checking WINIPCFG.EXE to see if your network card is working.

To run this command follow this sequence:

Click on START

Click on RUN

Type in "WINIPCFG"


You should see a box that looks like this:

Click on the down arrow to get to your network card settings

You will get this for your network card:

You should see this.

The is your computer address in YOUR network. This address may vary. The is the address of the Router. This address may also vary. Record the address of the router for future reference.

If this info is displayed you are connected to YOUR NETWORK and the router is working properly. Your number should always start with 192. If it starts with 169, something is wrong with YOUR NETWORK, network card, cable or router. The next thing is to check the operation of the router. To do this, open Internet Explorer and enter the router address. In this case it is You will se something like this:

The "IP Address" 24.184. is the OptOnLine address. This indicates your system is working OK and has been connect to OptOnLine.

If you a still having trouble, try contacting the manufacture of the router you have.

LinkSys 1.800.326.7114

SMC 1.800.SMC-4-YOU

This is the LinkSys site for their brand of router.

This is the SMC site for their brand of router.