Plainview NY 11803
ONLY $279.95
Self Contained
Remote Control Operated
Motion Activated
Security Device
360 d PIR

This unit is not made from a modified car alarm. It has been designed for exactly this purpose.
This is a self contained remote control operated motion activated security device with a built-in P.I.R. with a 360~ detection pattern (Range depends on mounting height), L.E.D. indicator , and audible arm/disarm tones. When armed, this unit will trigger if there is motion in the detection area. When triggered, the built-in 115 dB siren will sound for approximately 2 minutes and then reset - provided there is no motion in the detection area (If motion is still present , the unit will cycle again and continue to do so until disarmed). There are also input trigger terminals provided for external sensing devices and auxiliary output terminals to trigger other devices.

When arming the security system , you must wait a period of approximately 1 minute for the sensor to set. At that time the area is protected. This prevents false alarms during sensor setup and allows time to leave the area. All inputs (NIO or N/C) are instant after arming the system.

•12 VOLT D.C. 1,000 mA DC adapter (INCLUDED)   A plug-in 12OVAC to 12VDC power supply is inluded with this unit. There is a plug on the output of the DC adapter that plugs directly into a jack on the connection board.

  2 programmable remote controls are provided. There are 2 buttons on the remote: Button #1 arms the unit , button #2 disarms the unit.

•AUXILLIARY TRIGGER INPUT (WO) This input is only active when alarm is armed. A normally open dry contact input is TRIGGER provided at terminals 4 & S to allow this system to INPUT be activated by a normally open device such as: Magnetic contact, panic switch, moisture detector , pressure mat , etc. this also allows the unit to be triggered by any other system providing a dry N/O relay output. Unit will reset after approximately 2 minutes if circuit is re-opened (Or unit is disarmed), if not the unit will cycle again and continue to do so until contact is broken or unit is disarmed.

This input is only active when alarm is armed. A normally closed dry contact input is provided at terminals 4, 5 & 6 to allow this system to be activated by normally closed series circuit switches such as: Magnetic door/window contacts, etc.. To use this feature, a 10K resistor (Provided) must be connected to terminals 4 & 5 and the closed series  circuit must be connected to terminals 5 & 6 (If not using closed circuit, resistor is NOT used). Unit will reset after approximately 2  minutes if circuit is restored (Or unit is TRIGGER INPUT (disarmed), if not the unit will cycle again and continue to do so until contact is restored or unit is disarmed.

This unit provides a form "C" dry contact output rated at 5A'125V at terminals 8(C), 9(N/C) , & 1O(N/O). This relay output transfers contact when unit is triggered in armed status, and transfers when unit resets or is disarmed. This output may be used to trigger auxiliary devices such as a phone dialer etc.

A constant 12V0C output (Max. 5OOmA) is supplied at terminals 7(+) & 5(-)

There is a tamper switch mounted in the cabinet. Removing the cover access plate when the system is armed will activate the tamper function and the alarm will sound. Unit will reset after approximately 2 minutes if cover is replaced , if not the unit will cycle again & continue to do so until cover is replaced or unit is disarmed.

An L.E.D. indicator light has been provided to monitor the status of the system. On indicates ARMED status, off indicates DISARMED status, and flashing indicates ALARM CONDITION.

Brackets are provided for easy mounting. Sensor may be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on application.

A key switch may be used to arm & disarm the system. A maintained action (On/Oft) key switch may be wired to term. 1 & 2.

A remote L.E.D. indicating system status may be wired to terminals 2(-) & 3(+). L.E.D. lit when armed & off when disarmed.

•BATTERY CHARGER (OPTIONAL: For use W/12VDC Adapter only)
This unit has a charging circuit br a 12 Volt sealed Lead Acid type rechargeable battery. A 12 Volt 4 Amp/Hour battery (Not supplied) is suggested , and is connected to terminals 11(-) & 12(+). Should A.C. input power fall, the battery will take over automatically.

This unit may be powered by a 16 VAC/40 VA transformer using terminals 13 & 14 (Backup Battery cannot be used when using 16 VAC power)

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